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'Godlands' Explorer Roadtrip in Zhejiang Province

with Hiking, Paddleboading and Kayaking

A journey to the power spots of South-of-the-Yangtze China.

See the massive Chuanyan Nine Peaks Danxia volcanic rock landforms. Get your feet wet and forget the world  on a bamboo forest stream trace experience to the Shiliang waterfalls. Pay a visit to the ‘Residence of the Gods’ – wander in a landscape of mysterious power, where the old monks retreated to understand the universe, then finally, hit the Nanxi River for bamboo rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking.

An ‘off the beaten track’ collection destinations to get you and China’s gorgeous Zhejiang Province well acquainted. Departs from Hangzhou.

Meet up. Depart. Arrive. Lunch.Chuanyan 19 Peaks Scenic Park. Feilong ‘Flying Dragon’ glass cliff face walkway. Tiantai hotel check-in.


Meet up. Depart. Arrive. Lunch.

Great to see you here! Meet up and get acquainted at the designated meeting point, then board the travel coach. Depart for the Chuanyan 19 Peaks Scenic Park in Shaoxing, Xinchang county.

Arrive. Get lunch together.

Chuanyan 19 Peaks Scenic Park. Feilong ‘Flying Dragon’ glass cliff face walkway.

Finish eating, then head into the park and start seeking out the sights. Chuanyan is full of classic Danxia landforms – the mountain rocks stand towering, shoulder to shoulder. There is 19 of them, hence the name “19 peaks.”

But wait. Chuanyan is more than just a place to see stone giants and mystic Chinese scenery - there’s also thrills to be had. Experience the glass cliff face skywalk – the highest one Zhejiang has to offer – called the Feilong ‘Flying Dragon’ walkway.

Finish sightseeing, then relax on the coach. We depart for Tiantai.

Tiantai hotel check-in.


Arrive, enjoy an evening meal, and check in for the night.

Breakfast. Head out. Shiliang Falls waterfall stream tracing.


Breakfast. Head out.

Wake up, eat, set off. The coach will set us down at our waterfall stream tracing start point, where we meet our trail guide.

Shiliang Falls waterfall stream tracing.


From here a cool day of river hiking begins. This locally-loved route finds its way all the way in to the Shiliang Falls.

Giant stones stand like trees of a forest, the sounds of river water wash and soothe, you wander along to find little jade water rockpools –feel your worries and thoughts fall away as you lose yourself in this naturally stimulating setting. Progress toward the waterfalls, lending an arm or a boost to help companions climb the taller hurdles along the way. Work together, then enjoy the destination together.

Complete the stream trace. Return to the hotel. Stay one more night.

Breakfast. Explore hike at ‘the Residence of the Gods’ – Shenxianju. Resort check-in.


Breakfast in tiantai.


Eat breakfast, find the group, then depart. We’re going to a place they call ‘the Residence of the Gods’ – Shenxianju. Ride for 1.5 hours to arrive.

Explore hike at ‘the Residence of the Gods’ – Shenxianju.

Inside the bounds of Shenxianju is the world’s largest cluster of volcanic geoforms. The whole landscape has a unique character.

Originating from liquid magma, every mountain, every cave and every stream – every hard element of the scenery that makes up this land has its own style and feel. “Kwan-yin (the Buddhist goddess)”, “As it comes”, “Tian Mu Peak”, “Cloud Sea, Flying Falls and the Tadpole Writings” – these are the six strange sights of Shenxianju, all of which were given their names in an attempt to capture their curious uniqueness.

shenxianju Resort check-in.


Check in at the hotel in the early evening. We will stay one night in Shenxianju.

Depart for Wenzhou. Nanxi River bamboo rafting. Snacks and tea. Shiweiyan Scenic Zone hike. Nanxi Riverbank BBQ. Stay the Yongjia B&B Guesthouse.


Depart for Wenzhou.

After breakfast we ride for Wenzhou. Our destination is the Nanxi River.

Nanxi River bamboo rafting. Snacks and tea.


“Gorgeous waters, intriguing cliffs, a profusion of waterfalls, ancient villages and beautiful waterside forests.” This setting is held to be “the cradle of Chinese mountain and water landscape art”. This is the only Chinese national park that has made its name specifically for its spread of idyllic country landscape.

Raft and chill. First, we step aboard a traditional bamboo raft and make steep a pot of tea to enjoy with snacks as we float – an elegant way to enjoy an elegant river.

Next we become guests at a local home for a midday meal. Refuelled, we set our sights on Shiweiyan Scenic Zone.

Shiweiyan Scenic Zone hike.


The landmark attraction of Shiweiyan is a giant, pale red stone that towers 306-meters tall at the nature park’s center. Some think it looks like a ship’s mast (“Shiwei” literally means ‘stone mast’.)

Arrive, plot a course to the giant, climb the mast to its summit and see a beautiful panorama of the Nanxi landscape as your reward.

Nanxi Riverbank BBQ. Stay the Yongjia B&B Guesthouse.

Yet another scenic zone conquered, we exit and head for our camping ground on the Nanxi River banks. Fire up the BBQ, cook a smokey feast and eat your fill.

With a full belly, nap and chat on the bus as you’re ferried to the B&B where we will check in to spend the night.

Depart for Wenzhou. Nanxi River bamboo rafting. Snacks and tea. Shiweiyan Scenic Zone hike. Nanxi Riverbank BBQ. Stay the Yongjia B&B Guesthouse.


Breakfast. Nanxi River paddle boarding/SOT kayaking.

Eat breakfast.

Same river, different spot, different experience.

Meet up with an instructor on the banks of the Nanxi to try your hand at paddle boarding. Can’t get the hang of it? You won’t be left out. Grab a sit-on-top canoe instead, then head out with everyone for a little bit of exploring and some fun on Zhejiang Province’s most attractive river.

Old Cangpo Village.

Off the water, there’s a little, off-the-map, 1000-year-old village to explore. Check out Cangpo, and get to know how this little community has manages to survive here for all this time, unharmed and preserved.

Lunch. Return to Hangzhou.


Eat lunch, then make tracks back to Hangzhou. Arrive at approximately [17:30].

This marks the tour end.

Until we adventure again, best wishes!



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